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Event Planning Surveys, the secret to Amazing Events

Optimize your event strategy and use these surveys as a chance to get to know your attendees. Customize your event according to their preferences and interests. Ensure the success of your event by understanding their expectations beforehand. Not only that but with the help of these surveys, save valuable time and money.

How to get the most out of your event

  1. Select The Right Topics: Collect ideas from your potential attendees, asking them about the topics related to the subject matter they want to learn more about.
  2. Inquire About The Line Up Of Your Event Speakers: Stay one step ahead of your competitors by asking your attendees about their preferred keynote speakers and industry experts. Listen to their suggestions and modify the line up of your speakers accordingly.
  3. Identify The Need For Your Events: Make sure you have a committed audience before you plan your event. Identify qualified leads and then proceed with nurturing them as your event approaches.
  4. Define Clear Purpose Of Your Event:Do not forget to communicate the goal of your event to your potential attendees. Use this to identify what your attendees want to get out of your event. Clearly defining your goal of the event might make the difference between a successful event or a failed event.
Get feedback from attendees well in advance to understand exactly what they want from the event. Don't assume they will give you this information well in advance, most attendees only really start thinking about their conference experience with a couple of weeks to go
Paul McDonnel

Ensure Attendee Satisfaction

Around 54% of the event planners reported the use of event planning surveys as a valuable tool to help them determine factors of attendee satisfaction and utilize it for the overall success of their event.


Utilize The Data In Your Marketing Efforts

The Freeman Data Benchmark Study reported that 88% of the brand marketers utilize their event planning data and KPIs for improved marketing strategies. 98% of the marketers use this data to secure an optimum budget for their events.

Customize Your Questions And Build Trust

It is crucial to build trust with your attendees. Do not forget to use your organization name and logo on each survey page. Ask open-ended questions and give your attendees a chance to share their expectations by adding a comments section in your survey. Keep your survey short. This will ensure maximum responses from your target audience.


Improve Attendee Engagement

39% of the event organizers credit the success of their event to the overall engagement of their attendees (EventMC, 2019). They benefit from event planning surveys to ensure maximum attendee satisfaction, which yields a high engagement rate!

Personalize Your Events

According to an EventMB Report from 2019, 83% of the event planners deem an events program and its overall content crucial for making any event memorable and for encouraging attendees to keep coming back. Event planning surveys play a crucial role in making this possible.


Conduct A Second Level Survey If Needed

Prepare a second level survey for those who fill out your first survey. Keep this second level detailed and add more questions to better understand the likes and dislikes of your potential attendees. The questions in your survey should be customized for your event and your attendees.

The future conference is not about the environment, the furniture, the venue, the audio visual or the technology. The future conference is about increasing the paying attendees ROI. The future conference is about helping the attendee transfer and apply their conference learning to their job.
Jeff Hurt

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