What big things to work on next?
Add CBZ/CBR support (including framework for multi-page format)
Add Ugoira support (including optional mp4/webm conversion)
Add a carousel for the media viewer to see previous/next files in the current navigation thing
Add an incremental number tagging dialog for thumbnails (for adding page:n etc... to a sequence of files)
Add animated thumbnails for videos (animating on mouseover)
Add blurhash for quick thumbnail presentation
Add duplicate video detection
Add file note parsing to the download system
Add import any file support (giving it 'unknown' mime but preserving file extension)
Add more commands to the undo system
Add multiple local file services (which will enable true nsfw/sfw partition)
Add popular/favourite tag cloud controls for better 'browsing' search
Add ratings import/export, and add 'rating import options' to auto-rate imports
Add tag metadata (private sort order, presentation options, tag description/wiki support)
Add text and html support
Add ui for waifu2x and other file converters/processors
Add version tracking to downloader system objects and explore remote fetching of updates
Add ways to display files in ways other than thumbnails (like 'details' view in file explorers)
Allow for more UI layout customisation
Allow multiple custom 'open externally'-style file launch commands for files
Allow taglists to collapse by namespace
Clean up code and add unit tests
Expand file modified timestamp storage and update
Focus on adding commands to the Client API
Improve 'known urls' searching and management
Improve display of very large/zoomed files in the media viewer
Improve duplicate files display and workflow, and start automatic duplicate resolution
Improve file lookup scripts and add mass auto-lookup
Improve rating workflow by providing score representatives to compare with
Improve shortcuts
Just catch up on small work for a couple of months
Permit custom ordering of thumbnails, through mouse-dragging or otherwise
Set thumbnail border colours on user-editable rating and namespace conditions
Start on file alternates metadata, including file groups
Unify theming experience
Write an URL Repository so clients can share known url mappings
Write some ui to allow selecting thumbnails with a dragged bounding box