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December 2020 Psybient Releases
100th Monkey - Undercover Mystic [Disco Gecko Recordings]
Adrika - Deep Step In The Dark [Melusine Records]
Advanced Suite - A Little Way Out The Way [Unfinished Monkey Records]
Advanced Suite - Light Of Day [Astropilot Music]
Advanced Suite - PM [Astropilot Music]
Advanced Suite - Yin To The Yang Of Life [Self Released]
Airform - Phase 0.1 [Self Released]
Akasha Project - Chakra 2 [Self Released]
Akasha Project - Jupiter - Saturn Konjunktion 21.12.2020 [Self Released]
Amunraja - Halls Of Amenti Feat. Alina Zhuk [Self Released]
Anchor Hill - Idden Hillness EP [Self Released]
Ankhs - Act Right [Psyndica]
Anthoni Logos - Liber Lunae EP [Sofa Beats]
Aquiver - Little Grubbies [Merkaba Music]
Argus - The Eternal Flame [Self Released]
Asher Fulero - Mood Portals [Self Released]
Astralseid - Shamanic Love [Self Released]
Astralseid - Spirit Symbiosis [Self Released]
Astropilot, Kaya Project - Wind Of Change [Astropilot Music]
Atyya - Instill [Self Released]
B. Ashra - Jupiter Saturn Conjunction [Klangwirkstoff Records]
Balancé, Noya Project - Memórias [Self Released]
Blanketdragon - Nothing Isn't EP [Billegal Beats]
Blue Planet Corporation - Ekstase [Self Released]
Blue Planet Corporation - Passage [Self Released]
Blutpumpe, Tara Putra - Übergang [Self Released]
Brog - Fuse [Self Released]
Brog - Spacetrain [Self Released]
Browski - Dub Du Roi [Sub.Conscience Records]
Bus - Sanctuary EP [Self Released]
Chris Sears - Dash [Street Ritual]
Chromatic Wave - Water Crown [Matsuri Digital Chill]
Chronos - Helios II (Live Mix) [Altar Records]
Clozee, Fakear, Pouvoir Magique, Einki - Kanzan [Odyzey Music]
Consciousness Federation - Exalted In Purple [Self Released]
Cosmic Dust - Metamorphose [Eucalyptus Network]
Cosmic Touch - Peaking Buddha EP [Unityverse Music]
Cosmoganic - Forest Stomp [Self Released]
Cosmyte - Pyramyte - Dream Side [Hadra AlterVision Records]
Darshan Atmosphere - New Beginning [Self Released]
Data Rebel - Nuance [Self Released]
Datashell - A Crack Between Worlds [Self Released]
Daviel - No Time [Self Released]
Devin Kroes - Solitude [Self Released]
Die Stadt, SAS - Awakenings (Daytime Mix) [Self Released]
Dreamwalker - Scrumpulous [Self Released]
Drew ID - Dread Code [Dubmission Records]
Drrtywulvz - Psyfidelic [Self Released]
Dubsalon - Blunted 5 [Self Released]
Dubsalon - Blunted 5 [Self Released]
Dva Dereva - Parallel Ways Of Enlightenment [Microcosmos Records]
E-Mantra - Silence 2 [Melusine Records]
Echo Grid - Stroboscope Love [Self Released]
Echo Season - Solarmetric [Synphaera]
Eguana - Cosmos Episode 4 [Cosmicleaf Records]
Eguana - Flawless Nature [Cosmicleaf Records]
Electric Universe, Sitarsonic - Dub Stanza [Sacred Technology]
Emancipator, 9 Theory - A Thousand Clouds [Loci Records]
Enlil - Nibiru [Tranquil Sounds Productions]
Erothyme - Off Year [Self Released]
Form Null - Form Null [Self Released]
Frechenhauser, Psophax - Magic Castle [Ease Division]
Frequent - Koan Sound - Cosmic Tuba (Frequent Remix) [Self Released]
Gaddy - Locked In [Self Released]
Galaktlan, Alex Wulf - Nature Of Time [Self Released]
Germind - Ambient Waves [Cosmicleaf Records]
Giyo - Global [Self Released]
Green Beats - The Best Of Green Beats & Friends [Nutek Chill]
Gregory Paul Mineeff - On Beginnings [Cosmicleaf Records]
Hobi, Spaces - Moist Joint [Danktronics]
I.M.D - Hertz | 02 - Transmutation Of Energy [Self Released]
Inner Child - Witchcraft [Inner Child Music]
Insectoid Intelligence - Insectoid Intelligence [Self Released]
Intrasol - Never Finished/Incomplete [Self Released]
Kalpataru Tree - Parallel Pathways [Dubmission Records]
Kaya Project - KP02: The Heavy Hitters [Tribal Shift Records]
Keegan Bowen - Network Monitor [Self Released]
Kick Bong - Zelitude [Cosmicleaf Records]
Lab's Cloud - Ethereal World [Self Released]
Larbaceo - Metamorfosis [Ovnimoon Records]
Lauge - Nothingness [Self Released]
Lauge, Sensitizer - Feel [Self Released]
Living Light - Remixes By Living Light, Volume One, 2013-2017 [Self Released]
Lumière D'Abstraction - The Ocean EP [Self Released]
Lunar Structures - Similatron [Self Released]
Martin Nonstatic - Vyana EP [Ultimae Records]
Melo.Nade - Lost Pretty EP [Self Released]
Mistrust - Everyday [Self Released]
Mr. Rogers - Charlie Fat Pack [Self Released]
Mystic Crock, Fourth Dimension - River [Self Released]
Natural Life Essence - Docking To The New Space Station [Liquid Frog Records]
Natural Life Essence, Kiphi - Solar [Liquid Frog Records]
Nile - To The Stars [Mystic Sound Records]
Nuell Martin - Iovis [Mystic Sound Records]
Omel - Sensation [Cosmicleaf Records]
Orchid Star - Faster Reimagined [Pink Hampster Recordings]
Otheos - Shelter In Peace [Self Released]
Ovnimoon - Volar [Ensancha El Alma Records]
Pineal - La Piovra - Pineal Remix [Self Released]
Pitch Black - Did You Get The Message [Dubmission Records]
Planeta Libre - Deep Happiness [Nutek Chill]
Pluto Era - Otoconia [The Rust Music]
Potlatch - Night Snowfall [Cosmicleaf Records]
Prophici - Chrysalis [Merkaba Music]
Psiloshock - Family Reunion [Self Released]
Psy Baba - Ni Ju Nen [Self Released]
Psy TRS - Sonic Fractals [Mindspring Music]
Raym Gilian - Organic Interface [Self Released]
Recording Life - Asmr & Fields [Cosmicleaf Records]
Rildrim - Intangible Lifeforms [Self Released]
Saproling - Breathwork Meditations [Self Released]
Saqi - Tres Sirenes Ft. Diamonde [Self Released]
Secret Archives Of The Vatican - Rituals [Self Released]
Sérgio Walgood - Biogenesis [Moondance]
Side Liner, Aviron - Deadline [Cosmicleaf Records]
Sigil - In The Grain [Merkaba Music]
Solar Quest - Acid Brain [Self Released]
Somatoast - Dreamhop Jazzytime - Remixed [Self Released]
Spacey Koala - Embryoxygène [Self Released]
Spiralized - Abduction - The Complete Trip [Self Released]
Spirit Of The Wood - Siren's Call (Feat. Amir Rivera) [Self Released]
State Azure - Folding Space [Self Released]
State Azure - In The Air Tonight [Self Released]
State Azure - Snow Drift [Self Released]
Staunch - Spoonbill - Fowl Play (Staunch Remix) [Self Released]
Stickleback - Nasti [Tempest Recordings]
Stratusphere - Portal In The Sky (Portal Reopened Mix) [Self Released]
Sunduo - Illuminations Vol.2 [Microcosmos Records]
Suns Of Arqa - Requiem Dunkeld - Aquagroove Mix [Self Released]
Tetarise - Entrancing Bloom [Microcosmos Records]
The Noodniks - Happy Mistake EP [Tip Records]
Thomas Woodham - Umbramancer [Self Released]
Tor.Ma In Dub - I Dub You Vol.1 [Self Released]
Ujo - Laura [Astropilot Music]
Universe Of Sounds - Drip-Clop [Black Moon Syndicate]
Unknown Reality - Hope [Self Released]
Unknown Reality - Life As It Is... [Self Released]
Unknown Reality - Morning Theme [Self Released]
Various Artists - 2020 [Astropilot Music]
Various Artists - Ambient Online Themed Compilation 12: Earth [Ambient Online]
Various Artists - Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty Pt.3: The Orb Remix Project [Liquid Sound Design]
Various Artists - Balance Of The Butterfly [Synchronos Recordings]
Various Artists - Bass Fiction 2 [Badgers Records]
Various Artists - Changa Renegades [Visionary Shamanics Records]
Various Artists - Channeling [Microcosmos Records]
Various Artists - Chill Out Recharge Vol. 2 [Bass Star Records]
Various Artists - Freezing Point [Iono Lounge]
Various Artists - Goa Meditation Vol. 3 [Timewarp Records]
Various Artists - Magical Visions [Visionary Shamanics Records]
Various Artists - Nomura Vol. II [Psychedelic Jelly]
Various Artists - Power Nap [Sofa Beats]
Various Artists - Trix: Vol. 2 [Shadowtrix Music]
Wasisunqu - Beat Coyote [FrequenSeed Music]
Woob - Xvious_Exe [Isometric]
Yarn - Endless Green [Self Released]
Zen Baboon - Complete [Baboon Clinic]
Zero Cult - Black Forest [Cosmicleaf Records]
Zinuru - Evolution [Ovnimoon Records]
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