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Peoples Choice: Which photograph is your personal favorite?

Alex Hawley - Lyndon, 2019
Alex Hawley - Emporia, 2020
Alex Hawley - Burlington, 2019
Corky Heller - Search for Nectar
Corky Heller - Windmill at Golden Hour
Corky Heller - Morning's Catch
Susan Aber - Gravel Pit
Susan Aber - Kongsfjord River
Susan Aber -North Cape
Dave Leiker - Lab Glass and Magnolias
Dave Leiker - Wild Mustangs: Head Press
Dave Leiker - Sunrise Bottle Feeding
Duane Henrikson - Sunset Surprise
Duane Henrikson - Frog Legs for Supper
Duane Henrikson - Mauve Sunset in the Flint Hills
James Aber - Kongsfjord River
James Aber - Secluded Beach
James Aber - Tundra Bog


39 Votes in 522 days
Created 14th May 2020 - 6:46 AM

Results Breakdown - Part 2 / 6

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Geographical Breakdown - Part 3 / 6

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Responses Timeline - Part 4 / 6

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