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Fri, May. 22, 2015
02:44 PM EDT
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Over 79 million questions answered...
Let us help you find the answers to your questions!

SuperSurvey features:

  • New Pricing!
    Single Surveys start at $19.95 ea!
  • Complete design, distribution and tabulation for web-based, online surveys
  • Multi-page surveys with an unlimited number of questions
  • Fully-customizable fonts, images, and colors
  • Skip-logic, Anonymous and 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption options
  • Manage survey invitations and follow-ups
  • Real-time results monitoring, summaries and reports
  • Online, downloadable graphing and data tabulation
  • View our Product Specifications for complete survey features


Six Easy Steps to launch a survey:
After creating an account, login securely and click "Create A Survey" Creating an Online Survey
In just 4 steps, design a new survey or edit a saved version, specify questions, and set features Design or Edit Online Survey Template
Activate your survey! Activate Online Survey
Distribute invitations yourself, with our automated invitation system, or via pop-up Distribute Email Survey or Pop-up Survey
View, graph, or download raw data or summary reports as results come in View - Analyze Online Survey Results
Deactivate your survey after your data set is complete! Deactivate Online Survey Once Completed

Free Basic Survey Offer!
SuperSurvey allows you to try ALL of our premium features in a BASIC survey, so try creating a FREE survey today!
(Note: Basic surveys are limited to 25 responses for this free trial offer)

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