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Back to Basics

How did it start?

Our story began in 2003 when our founding partners spent a year building Pulseware Enterprise Feedback Management, the original version of our online survey maker. We're still nerds at heart that love to code and tackle the engineering challenges our industry brings. We were fortunate enough to gain the trust of a few fantastic customers very early on. Nissan and many of the local Australia govt. agencies placed their trust in us to manage very large scale online surveys.

For more than 17 years our customers continue to surprise us in finding new ways to utilize our survey software in everything from psychometric evaluations to viral quizzes and lead generation. We're still a privately owned Australian business operating primarily out of Sydney with a now long history online. We sincerely value feedback so if you're thinking of it go ahead and reach out.

What do we do?

We need to be able to handle traffic exceeding several million survey responses per day and do so without slowing down. Almost hourly attackers will attempt to take down and manipulate survey results. We need to be able to distinguish between real and fraudulent feedback while attackers continue to evolve and become more sophisticated. If something goes wrong it's not us that looks bad, it's our customers so these are problems we obsess over.

We also operate with a philosophy of data driven development. This means we're constantly experimenting with new features, designs and architecture. It is our customers that set our todo list and our customers who determine how well we're doing.

Contact Details

Want to send us mail the old fashioned way? You can reach out to us at:
Suite 1, Ground Floor,
Enterprise 1,
Innovation Campus UOW Squires Way,
North Wollongong NSW 2500