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Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Create a free online customer satisfaction survey and start analyzing results in minutes.

Create Customer Survey

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How to Make a Customer Satisfaction Survey in Minutes

  1. Hit 'Create Customer Survey' The survey will then load in our survey editor. From here you'll be able to add and remove questions to suit your business needs. Don't go too crazy by adding too many questions, shorter is better for response rates.
  2. Customize your Survey. Hit Themes, Settings and Results to review the way your survey looks and feels. Keep in mind you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to respond to ensure a high response rate.
  3. Hit Share and Publish Hit share and your customer survey is ready to go. You can have each response emailed to you or add an email and password to login and manage your results and identify trends.

Figure out where you're winning and losing customers

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Filters allow you to segment customers into those that love and those that hate your business. While overall trends are important the real gems lie in figuring out exactly what you're doing really poorly and absolutely nailing. Once you've created your free customer satisfaction survey you'll be able to access the Dashboard and the reporting system. Simply hit 'Add Filter' and review the responses of those that love your business to see where and more importantly why you're winning. Do the same with those that had a terrible experience to find exactly what you need to work on.


Where do businesses get stuck with customer satisfaction?

One thing which can make learning from results difficult is seeing the diversity of responses for what feels like the same product offering/service. While it's tempting to say this is a reflection of varying customer expectations it's more often an indicator that your customer experience is inconsistent. Rather than not revealing a single compelling problem or strength your customer satisfaction survey will show you need focus on improving the consistency of your customer experience before you can begin to focus in on one particular aspect.

When should I survey my customers?

Don't wait until a problem arises before taking customer experience seriously. You should be reaching out to every customer and providing an opportunity to learn from the engagement. Even if your customers rarely respond you're signalling that feedback is important to your business and you're sensitive to the customer experience. Integrate customer feedback into your sales pipeline and use filters to identify when you need to act. Keep your feedback survey short, you can follow up for more details if you need to. Market leaders Amazon really nail this aspect of their sales funnel. A few days after receiving your product you'll receive a personally addressed email asking if the product met your expectations. It's personalized, sent at the right time and most importantly takes only seconds to respond to.

How do I avoid hearing only the best and worst feedback?

Online feedback tends to show a bias towards those that were extremely moved by your service or product in either a positive or negative manner. This can make forming an accurate perception of your customer satisfaction levels rather difficult. The key to truely representative data lie in maximising your response rate. We've prepared tips below for this.

How many people can I expect to respond?

Average response rates vary from 1% to 30% depending on industry, contact method and follow ups.

Is Survey Maker Free?

We offer both free and paid options when using Survey Maker. You don't even need to signup in many instances. You may checkout our plans and options here.

Do I need to signup to create my customer satisfaction survey?

Our free version is limited to 25 responses, we also offer paid options. We do recommend providing an email and password. This will allow you to login to the Dashboard manage your existing survey, export results and much more
Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.
Bill Gates

5 Minutes Max

55% of people will not complete a survey that takes longer than 5 minutes to complete. This means you need to get your feedback in no more than 10 questions. Ensure you're only asking what is absolutely essential and consider a follow up phone call or personalized email where you've gathered feedback you want to act on.


Pre-contact and personalize

Research by GetResponse shows a 19% lift in email click through rate when an email is personally addressed. Pre-contacting means inviting a response via other mediums. Can you get on the phone to let a customer know you want to hear from them? Can you add a small thank you note when you deliver your product or service requesting feedback? Do it and you'll see significant improvements in your email response rate.

Ask for a testimonial

It's likely you'll hear from customers who both love and hate you, while you've got their attention you might as well ask the lovers for a testimonial. Strike while the iron is hot and ask your lovers for permission to use their feedback as a testimonial on your website. 97% of people now use online reviews when shopping.


Lazy Questions

Avoid questions which require lengthy text input by your respondents, your response rates will plummet if you don't. Instead design your survey around multiple choice and checkboxes with one question at a time (like the example above). These surveys stand a better chance of being completed.

Sweeten the Pot with Prizes and Transparency

Incentives do increase survey completion rates but you need to consider the impact offering prizes has on biassing user responses. Consider showing respondents a summary of all responses at the end of the survey, you can do this in our editor by adjusting settings on the 'Results' tab. Showing a summary of all results after your customer feedback survey appeals to both curiosity and demonstrates transparency. Our research also indicates a 20-30% increase in completion rates.


Whats App and Messenger for Crazy Response Rates

As of early 2020 the average email open rate varies by industry but is approximately 14.5%. Multiply this by an average email click through rate of 2.5% and a survey completion rate of 45% and you begin to realize you need to send a serious amount of emails. The average WhatsApp open rate is whopping 98%. If you have the capacity to send a message link via WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or SMS then you absolutely should.

You've got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.
Steve Jobs